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"Everyone has not had the benefit of a near death experience."

It's no secret, I'm a dreamer. The older I get the less I find that folks are willing to dream with me. Since I was diagnosed the expanse between the dreamer and practical or "realistic" persons has broadened.

My big sister Sherrell Collins once told me when I so adamant about priorities and what's important in life that, "Everyone has not had the benefit of a near death experience." She was calling me to be a little more patient. 

That penetrated. It's true citizens. You are unique if you suffer with a chronic illness. Somehow having a frequent reminder that life, at least this one, is not eternal oftentimes gives you clarity of thought. For instance, relationships matter way more than material possessions and time together goes a lot further than a gift.

So I ask you citizens, what is your dream? If there is a job for which you work tirelessly without compensation, what would it be? CIFA/THRIVE Nation and traveling this journey with you is it for me – a dream come true.

Be well,


Greetings Fellow Citizens,

Thought I’d share some thoughts I had this morning...

I needed a little something to get my day started. Since I have been diagnosed nearly four years ago almost weekly I hear stories regarding the effects of patients' illnesses. I hear stories of physical pain, spouses leaving, folk swimming in medical bills, job discrimination, and even worse, patients feeling lonely and suicidal. 

As my friends know and new citizens will learn, music is my therapy. Turns out that there’s actual science behind it. Check out the article on music as integrative therapy. We are passionate about helping you and your circle fight chronic disease with your mind, body and spirit.

Music as Integrative Therapy

The co-hosts of THRIVE Nation invite you to our morning therapy session. Hope you find something you like. (Vee) (Aisha) (Erin)

Be well,
V. Solomon
Founder and President, CIFA
Host and Citizen, THRIVE Nation