Chronic Illness Foundation of America, Inc.
Flourishing not just existing, thriving not just surviving


V. Solomon, JD                                                                   
Founder & President, Chronic Illness Foundation of America, Inc.

V. Solomon is the Founder and President of the Chronic Illness Foundation of America, Inc. (CIFA), an organization whose mission is to obliterate chronic disease in America. Mrs. Solomon is an attorney, budding author, wife and devoted mother of two children. 

Mrs. Solomon created the concept of CIFA including it's name soon after being diagnosed with her illness. She started the non-profit organization after having survived her own bout with a rare chronic disease.  Her goal is to help Americans that suffer with rare disease thrive in the midst long-term health challenges.  CIFA produces a radio talk show called THRIVE Nation: A Health and Wellness Forum that is on hiatus until 2014 on its new platform. 

Mrs. Solomon grew up on historic Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.  She worked for her farmer turned entrepreneur father in a family-owned and operated chain of cleaners and laundromats throughout her childhood.  She served in various capacities at the historic H Street locations in Washington, D.C. until her family divested during her high school years.  Her dreams of becoming a lawyer/entrepreneur developed during her work there and as an intern at the Federal Emergency Management Agency General Counsel’s Office.

Her primary education was received at Holy Comforter then in the District of Columbia Public School system and she has a passion for mentoring children and fundraising for the same.  She is a magna cum laude graduate of the University of North Carolina.  She earned her Juris Doctor from The Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law where she served as president of her 1L class and of Phi Delta Phi legal fraternity.

Mrs. Solomon has served in numerous leadership positions involving domestic violence awareness, literacy and shaping the minds of young persons in the District.  Most recently, Mrs. Solomon served as Vice President of the Parent Teacher Student Organization at her sons’ school.  Her passion lies in giving a voice to the disabled and helping to mentor youth in the areas of professional development, fiscal and civil responsibility.

In 2009 while working in the legal department for a Fortune 100 bank, Mrs. Solomon was diagnosed with a rare disease.  As of today, doctors can offer no definitive cause nor cure to her disease.   Faced with a near death experience then a life-altering disability and uncertainty about raising her two young children; she decided to turn her circumstances into a new venture.   She is now writing a book on how to be an awesome mother with a disability and how to keep normalcy during tragedy in kids’ lives; building CIFA to be a worldwide organization and developing a documentary on chronic illness in America.

V. speaks with authority, enthusiasm and humor on the following topics:

Chronic Illness in America
Domestic Violence
Mothering with a Disability
Legally Speaking: What Everyone Should Know About the Law

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