Chronic Illness Foundation of America, Inc.
Flourishing not just existing, thriving not just surviving


About Us

Living with a rare illness or disease is a frightening and painful journey. It can also be lonely. The loneliness can oftentimes put more stress upon the person than the disease.

The Chronic Illness Foundation of America, Inc. (CIFA), founded in 2012, seeks to address the health needs of communities by raising awareness, providing real life practicals on how to prevent common illnesses, and uniting the chronic disease community together through inspirational success stories.

The founder of CIFA is V. Solomon.  Mrs. Solomon is a rare illness survivor and is available for interviews about her tireless cause to educate the public and to provide resources and support for those who live with chronic diseases.

Our History

CIFA was born in a hospital just like most of you!  V. shared her vision of a full service organization that would aid the chronic illness patient in coping with the physical and emotional challenges of being sick, communicating with employers and insurance companies and accessing information among other services.  After overcoming what were seemingly insurmountable obstacles associated with the onset of two rare chronic illnesses - a declaration was made:

Should I be healthy enough, I will form an organization to provide full range support to those who suffer with chronic illness as well as persons who support them.

Congratulations to Founder V. Solomon on a bouncing baby foundation.